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Electronic Business Equipment sells only the best computer equipment.   Our company cuts no corners when it comes to the products we sell.   Sure, you can find cheaper computers and peripherals, but you will not find more reliable systems than the ones that Electronic Business Equipment sells.

We also stand behind the products we sell by supplying warranties, telephone support and even service agreement contracts to cover your equipment from "bumper-to-bumper".   Ever hear of a computer superstore providing their customers with that kind of service?

Reversal of Roles in the Office Place

It used to be that software was easy and the hardware was the most expensive.   Now, software packages are getting more and more complex, and our hardware is becoming more inexpensive everyday.   More complex software means that a person has the ability to be more productive in the manner that they utilize their computers.   But is cheaper hardware really an important factor in your office environment?Not really, because your computer is now connecting to more and more products every day.   And even though computer hardware may be inexpensive today, buying the wrong computer hardware can be disastrous.   Not purchasing the right product for your application the first time can be an expensive and time-costing mistake of epic proportions.

Our company knows from years of experience which is the best product for your application that is also the least expensive solution.   This way, our customers save money AND get the right product the first time and every time.

To Geek or Not to Geek?

We all have a geek that we rely on, whether it's a friend, relative or the ten-year-old down the street.    And geeks are good to have around when we need to set the timer on our VCR or load that new shoot-em-up game we just purchased.   But their knowledge and experience is limited to the little bit of tinkering that they have done.But our technicians at Electronic Business Equipment are engineers.    What's the difference between a geek and an engineer?    An engineer not only patches the problem, but solves it.    And, an engineer puts measures into place to make sure the problem doesn't occur again.

Need the latest version of Solitaire installed?   Get a geek.   Still dealing with the same issues over and over and over?    Get an engineer from Electronic Business Equipment.

Our Representatives will help you to :

  • Assess your current network
  • Research available options
  • Install & implement your selection
  • Provide training and support

Your goal is success.   Our goal is to help you achieve it, because your success is our success.    Call our agents today to see what we can do for you to reach your potential.

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