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Electronic Business Equipment has the knowledge and expertise to design, develop, implement and service a wide variety of computer networks.

Have more than one office?  We develop wide are networks as well as local area networks.   We can connect your offices via ISDN, T1 or Virtual Private Networking over the internet.

Our staff of engineers are ready to assist you with the perplexities of keeping the lines of communication open between your offices and, more importantly, your employees.

Networking - Nicety or Necessity?

It used to be that high speed internet access and file sharing capacity was a luxury item in your office.   But in today's world, it's a dire necessity.   If your employees can't exchange information and ideas, work is not being completed.   And technologies have changed dramatically over the years.    A simple file server in a utility closet was more than any business needed.   But now, we want all of our information to be accessible when we are on the road, or at another office.From Local Area Networks (LAN) to Wide Area Networks (WAN), Electronic Business Equipment is here to design, implement, manage and support your networking needs.

Our company is also able to monitor performance of your network, to ensure that you are getting the best communication reliability, availability and management possible.    So from personal design, to fast deployment, to reliable service, Electronic Business Equipment specializes in on-demand solutions.

Is it still running as it should?

Keeping your network running smoothly is also a major concern.   Our consultants will help you develop the policies and procedures necessary to sustain your network.   From backups to system failures, Electronic Business Equipment is the company that can provide you with the answers that you are looking for.And if your network is already experiencing difficulties, that's not a problem.   Our technicians are highly skilled problem solvers.   Whether you are having a dilemma with software, hardware or networking, we can quickly fix the problem and offer solutions to keep the problem from occuring again.   With years of experience behind us, no problem is too comples for us to handle.

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